Monday, June 13, 2011

The Shadow of Death

Yea tho I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, it stings me not
I find little peace in this  temporal earth, shrouds of heartache cloud my mind
Corners of darkness line these streets, ignorance lies in wait for terrors sake
Liberation of freedom's right spoiled by hatred by the mighty,taken from the weak
Disparities of scourge and sinful lust, eaten with the filthy hands decked with pearls
She says come, dine take of me and you will see all revealed to you, envy, misery
Souls with riches flowing in drunken state, captives lost and deceived, grace gone
Promises broken dreams destroyed, weak cries out for mercies sake, wandering lost
Mindful of this changing world, watchful of this dragon beast the fire it hurls
Fighting with sword in hand for soon to head to promised land is victory for me
Still I watch and wonder why they seem content in filth beckoning not on high
I sing in hope the blind will see the ignorant learn and hate will love, conquering evil
I love your soul your light, the breadth of all that is within, with all my might.
I pray for peace to fill you now loose your mind in humbleness, strengthen, inspire
Love is boundless knows no end, for eternity it shall be hope for all to see, be free

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