Thursday, June 2, 2011


Sometimes I run  fast as I can through the fields across my land
I wonder if you even know how thoughtless one can really be
Mountain tops my favorite place to hide away my aches and pain
The trees they seem to whisper in the wind as i sit and linger within
Even night will fall and so it shall not worry me I find peace, refrain
Solitude is for the soul, refreshing comes, a cleansing brings a new
Dawn will find me still upon my rock, found , I've made my stand
These days they find me wanting free as eagles soaring high above
My spirit longs for freedom leaps for joy yet I find it caged and bound
Running, always running through the fields chasing dreams that will never be
Rainbows and moonlit nights, seashells and shooting stars, daisies and lavender
Roses,the sweet smell I bask in the glory of the sun, the beauty of all I've found
Timeless are the treasures of love, yet Ti's a cruel fate when it is gone have none.

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