Friday, June 3, 2011

The Midnight Hour

I have loved thee from the moment I first laid eyes on you,  this is true
You did not have to speak your beauty encapsulated every part of you
I have wished upon the stars for your love to come unto me and shine
Beckoned in the midnight hour till the angels heard my earnest cry
With scents of rose,  lavender and vanilla I adorned myself.
Waiting for ensuing passion to consume my every being
Tenderly you come to me , and tearfully I accept all of you
I have waited many years for this truest gift and fate hath brought
My desires are here to stay, how can this be? I waited day by day
Have they been in front of me peering through for all to see but me
Wretched is my fear now, I worry that it's near, drifting away
Shall I stay? Entreat  me now or cast me aside, forsake me not or keep me here
Oh how confused the corners of my mind are fighting against my haunted head
Tortured loved I thought was dead has clutched me now  and wont let go
Where hast my true love gone, my heart my soul my perfect love, the one I waited for
The clock it strikes the midnight hour, the clock it calls the midnight, hour I hear it now.
How the noise it feels my head I can only wish for dead the poison of the rose is bitter.
The lavender's smell is putrefied, alas I drink vanilla tea and think, he wont remember me
My body aches of hot desires of once kindred spirits two hearts did share, two lips so sweet
The clock it stikes the midnight hour, the clock it calls the midnight hour, I hear it now.
Ti's sweet and lovely pure, ugly too, oh poor pitiful you, I really love only you
Do you hear the clock as it strikes the midnight hour, the midnight hour maddening hour

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