Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Friend In Me

I saw you on your mountain high tears of pain buried inside
I prayed for peace to fill your heart and comfort to touch you
I knew not from where you came, only knew your given name
My burdens honest and true a decade or more of loving you
Many a time spent walking through your peaks and valleys
Watching over you, trials of disappointment came and went
 Bended  knee I spent wondering why I was called to see
You have a heart of truth and love, a gift that's given from above
The honor broken will be healed, Ive prayed a thousand days, and still
Angels sing a song of hope, for love will endure again you'll see.
Time is careful to mend the heart ,while prayer lifts the spirit high
My friend cant you see, you were sent to me,why not believe
The day you sat and drank your spirits till you cried yourself to sleep
I prayed with you till morning light, held you tight and new just what to do
I feel your sadness, your love and know you will soar again, don't deny
The rock you stand upon to gaze out unto your land, you will again be free.
Take refuge  and comfort in knowing you have a friend, always in me.


  1. Many a time spent walking through you peaks and valleys.... very nice :)

  2. thank you both for the lovely comments..