Monday, June 13, 2011

I love You

I love you so much Ti's your Heart that causes mine to beat.
I love you to the point of madness when your face I cannot see.
I love you now tomorrow, yesterday, and until eternity.
I love you because it's destiny written in the stars above.
I love you not because you ask me but out of sheer nature Divine
I love you as the sun gives beauty to the world without only darkness and death.
I love you like two souls on fire that cannot be quenched unmatched by desire.
I love you like passion calling in the midnight hour unleashed, wild and free.
I love you like the deepest sea and the roaring waves of their strength.
I love you like the gentleness of the purest soul born of a child.
I love you even when you say you know me not and still you look upon me.
I love you because I am love in all it's purest forms I bleed, I am, I want I need.
I love you because you mirror me, your soul attracts my love, in thee I strive to feed.
I love you because without you I cease to exist when all I am is in you alone.
I love you like the warmth of the sun that kisses it's earth in the early dawn.
I love you like the ocean that swells with fierceness and shows mighty strength.
I love you beyond any words I can comprehend more than days of this earth.
My love I give without doubt, shame, remorse or fear to you my love only you.

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