Sunday, May 22, 2011


They stand upon them high atop a heap so deep they nearly rot
Laughing all the while as they shove their pockets deep
Champagne toasts, and whores do boast and gaily nights abide
They come to you and seek you out with humble forbidden lies
Many say to you, he is good,  trust him, he's the way,  for I know him
I tell you now,  I can't get up for I am on the bottom of this pit,  you see
Taken in by brightly colored lights and flash and promises of hope
Down to where I fail to save my very last of cares, gone are my ways
Mocking treacherous deceit and wicked ways of  vanities of prejudice
Oh how they take and take the more never filling up wet appetites
We starve down here the little ones with nothing less than crumbs and fright
Heeding to the call of sanity I cannot find my way, my woe is great it finds me broken
Helpless in disparity we cling to thee oh Lord rescue us impoverished souls from they
Rulers killing dreams, wreaking havoc lapping up our joy, squandering Innocent lives
I taste their lust for greed, is spills down over me,  I feel them crushing me, and you and we.

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