Friday, May 20, 2011

The Transgressor

Disparity hungers out of empty bowels as dried up river basins
Thousands fly the staunching sky swooping down for prey
Alone they cry gnashing, clenching, thirsting unable to take rest
Forgiveness swallowed by the dragon of deceit, laid waste
Transgressors  murdered, hewn down by the armoured beast
Darkness runs into the day, a never ending site dismay
Mocking shameful lusts of blood spill down unto the land.
Hope was buried with humanity today love was swept away
My people left me here to die, they told me this would happen
I only took what was mine and yours and mine and theirs.
There is no place that I can hide to wander from this woe
Screaming night and day the fears that never end, help me now
I cannot pray, I wish could. my troubles are greater now, Please
I beg of you, yet you hear me not, they foiled me I tell you so.
One more chance I pray to you, I will follow where ever thou  go.
The voice of many, you will see in days to come the price you pay.

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