Sunday, May 22, 2011

Willows Weep

Willows weep oh how they sway beneath them now as I lay
Thy love, I dream of sweetly comes to me, as I pen my thoughts away.
Tiny whispers of butterflies gently press against my cheek, a kiss it gives so sweet
So grand the day to lull away ,whilst I lay and gaze upon the blueness of the sky
Of all the beauty in the land and sea I tell this true your beauty comes not neigh
I wonder still if sun forgets and stars shall burst their light, will thou shine so bright?
As flowers grow in beauty in the spring with their sweet savor you are to me, my love
A garden sweet and pure, a place to lay and linger in, and bask the night till day
Adorn me with thy kisses cover me with your warmth ,lay with me forever until
Willows weep and willows keep, willows underneath our tree we be.

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