Friday, May 27, 2011

Nothing Holds Me Down

Sometimes I want to run and never stop
Spread my wings and fly see where I land
I look around me I long to be everywhere
Nothing can hold me keep me down
My spirit is free my feet never touch ground
I'm careful and light, I love without fear,Ti's true
My Gifts are about love, peace and harmony
You don't know me so don't judge me please
Victory is mine bought and paid for
The sun still shines on me even at night
My song is pure it comes from my soul
I lay it before him the Angels doth behold
This day is not mine but his, he lends to us
I take and give and he gives back ten fold
I cry humbly to the master as he forgives my sin
 I have come undone without and within
Creator of all he is to me and my delight
Water to my body food for my soul
Healing to my mind,yes my worries my woe
Nothing holds me down when I have the masters hand

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