Saturday, May 21, 2011


Oh sleep is not kind to me, will not find me
I lay here empty, fragile ,torn and betrayed
My incessant love for thee has been in vain
Dreams are gone ,vacant lost, quiet solitude
Tattered thoughts of once desires, wont ensue
I long to touch you still, my body aching, pain
Why my soul feels so deep sorrow ,will it go away?
I retreat but still no rest for me just weariness
Shall this last forever or will it end I pray thee?
A gift I gave to you and shared my very nature
Now you trample with your carelessness and pride
Ti's fear you have I understand, I know you very well
You see I know your name, I've seen your soul, It's beckoned me


  1. I love this poem! Very awesome. :-)

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  3. thank you Sara I will be putting the rest of my poems on soon and some new ones...