Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My lovely

What do you see when you look at me are you thinking now of what will be?
My eyes are hazel and hold the key to your dreams of you and me don't you see?
Yearning emotions stirring deeply causing the very essence of my soul to feel warmth
Do you long to taste these lips so sweet so soft? My love to have you now I feel Id weep
Intertwining souls make love, but flesh there is no match so perfect is this sweet divine
When I shall take you in my arms at last for never to let go your beauty I will behold
I dream of you night and day I smile for you along the way, do you think of me ?
How I long to hold you now, I feel you wanting me, It burns through my body staining me
I know you dream of making love to me you wake me whispering my name
Oh how I feel you, almost if you were here ,wish you were, my lovely, my dear.

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