Saturday, May 14, 2011

Time Fades

I have longed  for the warming of the sun on my face, these nights cold no embrace.
Time is cruel takes no care for heartache and despair, brokenness neigh my friend I love.
The whispers I hear in the depths of my mind remind me of my youth, the memories of you.
Spellbound cast down riding on the waves of a dream, slowly awaken empty and abased.
Entreat me now my love I would pray,for my time doth slip away marvel not at my life.
Moons have come and went yet they will come no more for me, til judgement day I will see.
Upon the golden shores I will stand and walk unto the promise land,I shall soar upon high.
Remember not my pain, nor sorrows for they are many burdens I bare for those who wait.
I will remember you, all of you and those who have touched my life in so many ways.

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