Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Why do you stare at me? Have you never seen Hunger? It is me everyday.
My name is is emptiness.
Look upon me if you will the streets whisper my name as I walk by thirsty.
Spit at me I know I am ugly, but once I looked like you.
Buildings of empty doorways shelter me at night, bags  and boxes I carry to lay upon
Walk on by it's okay, I wont tell.
The noise is my friend I would be lost without it, I have come to enjoy it finding solitude.
Sometimes, not often kindness finds me.
Coldness I am used to,  sleeping in the weather my skin is hardened by this pavement I lay on
Keep yelling at me cussing,  why?
Oh God , why is this world so cruel, I am just living not hurting anyone, yet they hate me.
Throwing stones, robbing me.
Never any where to go but a cold bench an empty street at night, nothing and no one but the lost.
Mongers, haters, selfish filled with pride.
Night after night they look at me, picking up papers I was once like you, I had what you have.
Jesus haters, Jew mockers .
Once I lived in the house on the hill, my house burned the oil in the lamps you waste, cars, screaming.
Preachers stealing money.
How you all waste, my piece of bread I savor, water to me is a treasure,  coffee rare, yes I am hunger.
You politicians and whores!
Wonderment never ends lies never stop, trusting is always beyond human grasp,  oh the sirens
Sleep is my woe, sleep is danger, nightmares, so hungry,  so tired.
War, peace, prayer, forgiveness.
My world, these streets.
Walk on by, they all do.

By : ChristiLynn Foss  First written in 1982.

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  1. Hey I like what it's saying and brings it to life