Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The battle is O'er

In the distance their cries I hear I bare their pain and woe, Ti's grave
Fields are muddled with blood and bones, the souls of many are gone
The hollows of my mind are flooded, filled with screams of horror
Canst  thou waken me from this dream, I beckon unto thee?
Nightly lanterns burn for  the  wandering lost at sea while it gapes
Trembling, now I fear the master forgotten these shackles on me
My blood is cold the night is long and yet I  pray still the more
Mercy I beseech thee O hear me now for my spirit is come undone
As the Angels sing to me, I feel enchanted only moments sake
With visions of white  and doves in flight ,my heart is pure for thee
This  time  is won I have no breath, as for me this battle is O'er.

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