Thursday, May 19, 2011

Two Perfect Souls

How the night has found me hidden in the corners of my mind
Drifting endlessly once again into another place and time
My body trembles with desires that only you can know
Shaking , rising to meet your body as it's pressed to mine
Gently tears flow now ,is this the way? you whisper low.
Lovers kiss so deep , two souls become one to keep
Together passion builds beyond just lustful thrills
Morning comes still interlocked two hearts bind
All I am I give to you ,all I have I share this still.
It seems you have walked right in from my dreams
I waited long yet I would wait a lifetime
This my love ,the beauty of, two perfect souls


  1. What a fantastic, poignant poem, full of feeling and thought

  2. Thank you dahling, it was amazing when I thought of it..