Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Do not Deney me

You cannot deny me you know you hear my cry in the still of night
The longing you feel against your body is me embracing you tight
I know you feel my soul is tied to yours for they mingle in dreams
I feel you call to me in the night a hundred destinies wont keep me quiet
This madness my mind is in is torture freedom  not my friend, but prison
Waiting at the sea whilst you stand upon your hill,where eagles take flight
Shall I come to you ,dost my heart dare trust in this  new great journey
For I have been astonished by your beauty from within and out you beam
I shall love thee with all that is in mine heart and wait until the end of time
As the angels beckon in the heavens so shall I sing unto you a new song
I will wear a pendant so you will see and it will shine as  a prism unto thee
The moon and stars will guide your way, until we meet we shall not fade
A promise I have made a promise I will keep ,my love tarry not to long.


  1. A very deep and poignant poem

  2. yes I was feeling very profound at thetime and yet somewhat sad, and somehow new I was not really sad at all.